Uncategorized November 22, 2021

Extraordinary Community in Action!

When Orcas Island, and much of Western Washington and beyond, experienced record rainfall over November 14th and 15th, there were any number of road washouts, landslides and other water-related emergencies.  For those living on the far southeast part of Orcas the rains proved to be catastrophic.


Doe Bay Creek scoured out the culvert it normally runs through under Point Lawrence Road, taking a large section of the road with it toward Doe Bay.  Point Lawrence Road is the only access to about 200 homes beyond Doe Bay Resort, and those people were now cut off from the rest of the island and all its many services.


But, once again, the extraordinarily close community came to the rescue when neighbors banded together with Doe Bay Resort and the Orcas Island Community Foundation to build a pedestrian bridge to cross the creek just downstream from the road.  Within 24 hours of the rain stopping, people were able to get to the grocery store, doctor’s appointment or job.


This willingness to roll up your sleeves and find a solution is what attracts so many to this island of natural wonders.  Sure, we have beautiful lakes, miles of hiking trails, and a cute, friendly village, but what makes Orcas Island so special to those of us lucky enough to call it home is the extreme kindness of those who share it with us.


If this sounds like the kind of extraordinary community where you would like to live and play, please reach out to me by phone or email – I’m sure we can find your piece of The Rock!